“Building and CRUSHING! a Body Sculpture” during the opening of In Out Centre in Amsterdam 1972

In Out Centre

Raul Marroquin’s  & Equipo Movimiento (Marroquin – Wu Young Tchong) live performed action: “Building and Crushing a Body Sculpture” presented during the opening of the In – Out Center in Amsterdam 1972. Performed by Anthon Verhoeven assited by Ulises Carrion.

Carrion undresses Verhoeven who stands still in a classic sculpture position for about 15 minutes, after that Carrion dresses Verhoeven and they both leave the set. “Building and Crushing a Body Sculpture” was filmed in Super 8 and recorded in Black and White video, the documentation: video recordings & video transffers of teh Super 8 is available from the Nimk (Netherlands Media Art Institute) Amsterdam.

In Out Centger

Opening In Out Center Amsterdam 1972

(about In Out Center) The First artist space in The Netherlands and one of the First in Europe In Out Center was an initiative of Colombian artist Michel Cardena, the collective included Ulises Carrion, the Icelandic brothers Kristjan and Sigurdur Gudmondsson, Raul Marroquin, Hreinn Fridfinnson and others, it operated from 1972 to 1974

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